FEITIAN, a leading provider of identity authentication terminals, has collaborated with Elyctis to integrate their unique e-ID document readers into its latest authentication and verification devices, the V20 and V11. This partnership has resulted in advanced solutions capable of reading all e-passports, national e-ID cards, performing OCR recognition, and much more. These devices cater to various industries, including border control, government agencies, telecom and banks, offering robust data collection, biometric and enrollment and authentication capabilities.

FEITIAN, headquartered in Beijing, China, has established itself as a global leader in identity authentication technology. By leveraging the expertise of Elyctis, an esteemed provider of e-ID documents reading solutions, FEITIAN has integrated their cutting-edge e-ID readers into its latest authentication terminals, the V20 and V11. This collaboration represents a significant advancement in delivering state-of-the-art technology for identity verification and data collection.

The newly launched V20 and V11 authentication devices by FEITIAN offer unparalleled convenience and versatility. Equipped with Elyctis e-ID readers, these terminals empower organizations to read various types of identity documents, including e-passports and national eID cards, while providing the most efficient OCR recognition capabilities. The integration of Elyctis e-ID readers ensures accurate data capture, even in challenging environments.

The V20 authentication terminal is available in two variations: a standalone device and a device with a docking station. This flexibility allows users to choose the option that best suits their operational requirements. The V11 authentication terminal, on the other hand, offers a compact and portable solution for organizations on the go.

FEITIAN’s collaboration with Elyctis has enabled the V20 and V11 terminals to excel in critical applications such as border control, government agencies, telecom and banking sectors. These devices facilitate seamless data collection and authentication processes, ensuring enhanced security and efficiency in identity verification and KYC procedures.

Mr. Wang, Advanced Technology Manager of FEITIAN’s ID terminal division said: “We are thrilled to partner with Elyctis to integrate their exceptional e-ID reading technology into our authentication terminals”.

“The combination of FEITIAN’s expertise in identity authentication and Elyctis’ cutting-edge e-ID readers enables us to provide our customers with highly reliable and efficient solutions.”

Mr. Alexandre JOLY, CEO of Elyctis, added, “FEITIAN’s commitment to delivering top-notch authentication solutions aligns perfectly with our vision. By integrating our e-ID readers into their terminals, we are jointly enabling organizations to streamline their data collection processes and enhance the accuracy of identity verification.”

FEITIAN’s V20 and V11 authentication terminals with Elyctis ID readers are now available for organizations seeking robust and reliable solutions for data collection and authentication.

FEITIAN and Elyctis are both showcasing on the Expo Floor at Identity Week Asia 2023, 7&8 November in Singapore.