OnlyFans’ Chief Executive Officer Keily Blair, whose speech at Identity Week Europe in June reinstated how digital identity provisions are mandatory for entertainment sites, has written a LinkedIn post on utilising hashlists to identify and separate bad uploaded images.

The identification tool combats the freedom that users have to upload any images or videos on a user generated content platform.

A growing number of entertainment sites, also known for commercial adult content, such as OnlyFans are facing the same pressures to take accountability as social media platforms under online safety laws and regulations. Regulation such as the Online Safety Bill instructs online sites and services to install verification technologies to being safety to the online environment.

The strict requirement of online services and sites is to protect access from users that cannot digitally verify their age and identity by working with verification technology providers.

Hashing identifies and separates bad images from tens of millions of unsolicited images and videos uploaded to the platform every day.

OnlyFans is challenging the perception that dangers can be easily encountered by children and remain unprotected on the platform by utilising hashing.

It creates a unique digital fingerprint of an image or video, alerting organisations to content that has “no rightful place on the internet like non consensual intimate images, child sexual abuse material and other harmful or extreme images”, Keily explains.

OnlyFans has collaborated with leading technology providers such as National Center for Missing & Exploited ChildrenThornSWGfLChild Rescue Coalition, Inc. and many other tech partners and NGOs to integrate their hashlists into the platform, which proactively protects minors and all users of the platform.

They go another step further proactively giving feedback to hashlist providers.

New or “first generation” dangerous images are quickly identified and processed into the appropriate hashlist, while mitigating false results that the system may present from time to time. What this shows is that OnlyFans recognises their accountability along with technology providers to make every unregulated online community better equipped to protect users while avoiding censorship of lawful content.