Security experts have raised concerns over personal data lost in a hack on up to 55 million registered voters in the Philippines, after an unidentified party published alleged data including fingerprint topography details.A group of hackers have deposit all hacked voter data onto a searchable website, including fields such as address, height, weight, and encrypted fingerprint data.The site, which is currently down, has little more than 3 data entry fields and a search button. The site lets visitors drill down to individuals for a full picture of their personal information.The publishers also state: “Maybe, at least now, government will start thinking about security of citizens' personal data.The stolen data consists of 76GB worth of (usually) compressed files, most notably a MySQL backup that expands out to 338GB, according to security expert Troy Hunt.The stolen sensitive data includes passport numbers belonging to some 1.3 million overseas voters. Meanwhile, the data attributes taken included “PRINT_FLAG, FINGER_INFO, FINGER_TOPO_COORD, QUALITY, MATCHING_FINGER”However, expert Chris Johnson has confirmed to WIRED that biometric data that appears to be included in the leak would be useless without access to the specialist software needed to understand it. Last week, Comelec) assured the public that biometric details were not lots in a hacking of its website a few weeks ago.Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez told the public that sensitive biometrics data were not included in the database leak by a hacker group.