Personalization solutions and instant printing systems firm Evolis has revealed a new lamination module for plastic cards that is compatible with its desktop card printer Primacy. In a statement, Evolis said its card lamination module prevents forgery and significantly increases the durability of governmental cards or access control badges. The new lamination module has been designed to connect to the Evolis card printer Primacy through infrared, creating one single system for encoding (from magnetic stripes to RFID chips), printing and laminating plastic cards.The system, named Primacy Lamination, prints and laminates up to 215 single-sided cards or 110 double-sided cards per hour. Ribbons and lamination films are easily installed and are automatically recognized. The system is up and running after a quick warm up period. "The demand for higher security is a growing concern for all. Our new offer is particularly adapted to the market requirements in terms of flexibility, security and ease of use at an affordable price," explains Philippe Lesellier, product manager at Evolis. "Regarding the technical support and training, the expertise of our local distributors is recognized throughout the world and is one of the key factors of our success."