Entrust Datacard and Trend Micro have announced a collaboration to provide comprehensive data security to modern, compliance-driven enterprises that need strong data encryption and authentication technology. As part of this, Trend Micro has transferred its SSL business assets including expertise, high-assurance certificates, roots and SSL customers to Entrust Datacard.The two companies say that the combination of security solutions available from them provides government, financial services, retail, healthcare and other organisations with a comprehensive set of advanced security capabilities that are essential to protecting data. They add: "This partnership will allow organisations to have a more resilient approach to common attacker tactics that include exploiting unencrypted web connections, advanced persistent threats, spear-phishing, targeting unpatched software vulnerabilities, and infiltrating networks to steal data while remaining undetected for extended periods of time."Our two company's product portfolios are complementary when it comes to providing comprehensive data security to the enterprise," says Sam Morcos, vice president and general manager, SSL business, at Entrust Datacard. "The acquisition of Trend Micro's SSL business will further strengthen Entrust Datacard's commitment to our strategic growth in secure certificate offerings. We are pleased to welcome Trend Micro customers and are committed to making the transition as smooth as possible, and we will ensure that these customers continue to receive superior support.""The partnership with Entrust Datacard aligns with the need commonly expressed by our customers to become more resilient to data breaches, hacks, theft and other threats that are becoming more frequent and destructive," says Partha Panda, vice president, corporate and business development at Trend Micro. "Transitioning our SSL business to a respected global expert provides our customers with the best possible support now and in the future."