Secure identity tech firm Entrust Datacard has joined the FIDO Alliance, an industry consortium that provides specifications and certifications to reduce reliance on passwords.In a statement, Entrust Datacard said the move will help it address the full range of its banking, Government and enterprise customer needs while augmenting its support for open standards, including cryptography, one-time password (OTP) protocols, biometrics, identity federation standards, application integrations and more. “We are thrilled to become a member of the FIDO Alliance,” said Ryan Zlockie, Global VP of Authentication at Entrust Datacard. “We deliver the strongest forms of authentication for very demanding customers, but we believe authentication can be secure without frustrating the user with too many factors and friction, which is not the typical experience. Taking the 'F' out of Authentication (F for Factors, Friction and Frustration) is what drives us, which aligns very well with the mission around FIDO for simpler, stronger authentication. We're proud to give our customers the power and flexibility to choose the best fit when it comes to authentication. Adding FIDO compliant solutions to our suite as another authentication option allows us to offer the most comprehensive authentication platform on the market.”The firm said Entrust Datacard will continue to strategically layer additional authenticators and leverage contextual inputs to provide the optimal balance of security and user experience. As a result, the platform can support all enterprise authentication needs across employee, customer and partner use cases and enable enterprises to adapt to new business needs with agility.”We're committed to providing modern authentication and a seamless experience to our customers, and FIDO is an important factor in accomplishing this goal,” said Zlockie. “In today's fast-paced world, investing in a modern, robust authentication platform that supports a broad range of use cases is essential to digital business success.”