Melco Resorts & Entertainment advances plans to use face recognition for an integrated resort in Japan.Developed directly by Melco, the biometric intelligence system will use advanced facial recognition technology for enabling responsible gaming and security.Melco has announced that it would also offer the Japanese government back-end access to and data-sharing with these systems free-of-charge to ensure the most effective collaboration in safeguarding against potential gaming-related social issues.Ako Shiraogawa, Japan office president, said, “This proprietary technology demonstrates our deep commitment to developing and implementing practical solutions for the government's ongoing consideration of how to uphold socially safe integrated resorts. Its back-end technology can be updated as regulations evolve and on the front-end, the state-of-the-art biometric interface eliminates nearly all risk of human error.”Called “The City of The Future,” Melco says its Japanese IR concept aims to become the most advanced gaming and entertainment destination in the world, while still holding true to the distinct history and heritage of Japan.