As there is no "one size fits all" answer to read ID documents, Elyctis is proud to announce it is able to provide the best ID document reading experience in all situations.Elyctis now proposes a full range of ID reading solutions, including desktop, handheld, attachable and integrable (OEM) readers and, today, ID BOX Tools, Elyctis' solution to read ID documents using a simple smartphone or tablet. Building upon its expertise acquired through ID BOX One and ID READER product ranges, Elyctis introduces ID BOX Tools, a solution allowing to read ICAO-compliant ID documents using a smartphone. ID BOX Tools consists in an SDK (Software Development Kit) for application developers and systems integrators allowing them to add ID document verification and citizen authentication functions to their applications, running on a standard smartphone or tablet.With ID BOX Tools, reading ID documents is now available to everyone! Thousands of applications can be developed that will take advantage of the easiness of integration of ID reading functions. Typically, Know Your Customer procedures, enrollment for various services, hotel and car rental check-in, citizen services, are among the myriad of applications that can easily be developed with the new Elyctis SDK. It is also the perfect solution for border control or law enforcement officers to benefit from an application that will run on the smartphone that is already part of their equipment.ID BOX Tools, runs on any Android smartphone or tablet, it combines a high speed reading of the MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) of an ICAO-compliant ID document with the ability to read the NFC chip from ePassports, eID cards, etc. The SDK swiftly reads data from the MRZ and the chip, and sends it to the application. Alexandre Joly, Elyctis CEO, declares: "We have been expanding our offer since the inception of Elyctis: now, we are able to answer all ID reading needs with desktop, integrable and portable readers as well as ID BOX Tools, our smartphone-based solution."ID BOX Tools is readily available from Elyctis. Developers can see the SDK in action thanks to our demonstration app, available on demand from The demonstration app will allow them to evaluate the functionalities of the SDK.