The ANACMU – l'Agence Nationale de la Couverture Maladie Universelle du SÉnÉgal – the national agency in charge of the national healthcare system in Senegal, has chosen Elyctis ID BOX One readers to identify and authenticate all beneficiaries of healthcare insurance and ensure they will receive the most appropriate healthcare.In Senegal, the CMU – Couverture Maladie Universelle – Universal Healthcare Coverage – allows all Senegalese citizens, regardless of their income level, to benefit from a coverage of their health risk.In the context of the global digitization of healthcare services and healthcare insurance in Senegal, one needs to ensure healthcare services are delivered to identified beneficiaries. For this purpose, the ANACMU has chosen the Elyctis ID BOX One readers to implement a strict identification process of beneficiaries at all healthcare delivery points. Senegalese citizens are provided with a biometric ID card compliant with ICAO standards. The card chip contains all biographic information about the cardholder as well as the data of two fingerprints.When a person comes into a hospital or a health center, the cardholder introduces his/her card in the Elyctis ID BOX One reader that reads data from the card. Then, the fingerprint of the person is acquired thanks to a fingerprint sensor. The identity of the cardholder is matched with the presented fingerprint in order to authenticate the person. If the authentication is successful, the system connects to public and private insurance companies to verify the patient rights. Finally, it presents the healthcare invoice to the identified insurance company for paymentThe ANACMU is in the process of deploying the application and 550 Elyctis readers in more than 200 healthcare centers in Senegal as well as in the 37 hospitals in the country. Thanks to this deployment, in 2021, all Senegalese citizens will be able to benefit from a better healthcare coverage. Further to an international call for tender under the auspices of the World Bank, the ANACMU has chosen Elyctis ID BOX One readers as they provide a user-friendly and easy-to-install solution to read the ICAO-compliant Senegalese ID card. The readers provide connectivity options that allow to support a fingerprint reader and connect to a PC running the application. Mouhamed Mahi Sy, ICT Director of ANACMU said: "With the Elyctis ID BOX One readers, we can be sure the ICAO-compliant national ID cards will be read seamlessly. This way the whole operation of our patient identification and authentication process will be smooth and bring the best service to all Senegalese citizens."Alexandre Joly, Elyctis CEO, adds: "We are proud to have been chosen as a supplier for the ANACMU in Senegal in an international call for tender. Thanks to Elyctis readers, Senegalese citizens will be sure they will benefit from the healthcare services they are entitled to receive."