eConnect, a Las Vegas-based software company which provides gaming and hospitality companies with a platform for actionable information, reinforced by video, will showcase their latest AI technology at a trade conference. eConnect's new TITOTracker technology utilizes facial recognition to accurately identify individuals and their activity throughout the casino. It will be exhibited at the 2019 OIGA conference.Since many financial transactions take place at kiosks, eConnect's TITOTracker links and totals transaction amounts to an individual face. Whether the person is a carded player or unknown, casino operators are now alerted when any individual exceeds predefined AML / FinCen thresholds.”Facial recognition in the gaming industry can benefit multiple departments, not just surveillance,” commented Ben Parks, Business Development Executive at eConnect. “Those charged with Anti-Money Laundering responsibilities, the Casino Marketing department, and even the Database Marketing team can leverage our non-intrusive facial recognition applications. eConnect can provide a set of capabilities with this technology that each property can put to use for their unique environment.”