Police in Dubai plan to use artificial intelligence and biometric facial recognition software to fight crime.Brigadier Kamil Butti Al Suwaidi, Director of Operations Department in Dubai Police, told local media this week that the command room will include a smart security system. Suwaidi said when the biometric software is triggered, alerts will be sent to police officers on the beat ensuring a quicker, immediate response to prevent any potential crimes being carried out in the emirate.The new upgrade will also help locate wanted criminals via CCTV searches conducted of public areas via the command room.”The system will provide data and information about the areas expecting crimes to happen. The system stores the data about the crimes and in which areas and based on the data, the system will analyse it and will provide the police information about the location of the future crime.”Brig Al Suwaidi said police will use facial software technology to make identification of suspects easier for officers working in connection to surveillance and investigations operations.”This technology will provide the information to the duty officer about any suspect depending on the big data in the operation room and the criminal system,” Brig Al Suwaidi said.