William Graves, Chief Engineer for Project Manager DoD Biometrics, has been honoured in the Annual Federal 100 Awards.Graves worked for the Department of Homeland Security before coming to PM DoD Biometrics. The Annual Federal 100 Awards recognizes the best and brightest people who drive innovation, efficiency and improvement of federal information technology. Graves, an Army veteran, comes from a long line of military service, including his grandfather, Rear Adm. William Thompson, USN (Ret.), who had a large role in the construction of the United States Navy Memorial in Washington, D.C. on Pennsylvania Ave. “When I was in DHS, the Hitachi chief scientist for vein pattern recognition used to come and talk to me every six months,” Graves told DVIDS, He said that relationship is merely one of many other professionals Graves must work with to ensure interoperability, a key factor in what makes biometrics so effective. A common refrain is about how biometrics ensures the safety of the U.S. and its allies but also that we can catch those who would do the U.S. and allies harm by “not what you have, not what you know, but what you are.” A key task for Graves is ensure that information of “what you are” is standardized, labelled and sorted in a way that allows for easy sharing between American organizations and our allies.Graves' friend and mentor, Jim Williams who had more than 30 years in federal service before retiring, wrote one of the three nominations for Graves' award. “Everybody knows Will,” said Williams. “They know he's a guy who brings people together and talks about things like 'how do we share better? How do we do things that help stop bad guys?' He's got great leadership and collaboration skills with tremendous expertise.”