Deutsche Bank is trialling a biometric banking app that uses multiple modalities including face and behavioural attributes to ensure the security of transactions.Speaking to the Financial Times, bank officials said that a range of biometrics are needed to improve customer convenience.The FT quotes Nick Doddy, Deutsche's regional innovation manager, as saying:”If you've broken your right arm and ߪ you're at home and now you're using your left hand, it will say her location is good, her pin is good, her biometric is good, but she's now handling it in a different way, so it might say 'give me a facial recognition'”.The bank plans soon to extend a trial of the system to 10,000 members of its staff as part of a larger pilot.Philip Gilligan, head of innovation at Deutsche, said that the addition of biometric security could negate the need for transaction limits for online and mobile services.In tests, Deutsche says no one has managed to achieve a “match” above 15 per cent trying to hack someone else's account. In most cases, the match was zero.Paul Lee, an analyst at Deloitte, told the FT that other banks and payments companies were also looking at smartphone solutions. “Financial services companies are taking advantage of the fact that the modern smartphone has lots of sensors, and the more you use a phone the more data is gathered to authenticate the user,” he said.The bank revealed that it is working with cybersecurity firm Callsign on the biometric project.