The Delhi police force plans to acquire a mobile biometric crime-fighting tool that can lift latent fingerprints using imaging features.The tool can lift latent fingerprints from objects like currency notes, envelopes and newspapers recovered from any crime scene, reports The Times of India.Joint commissioner of police (crime branch) Ravindra Yadav told the newspaper that that the department had imitated the process to procure the gadget.”This will help the crime team save a lot a time, resources and manpower and fetch prompt results,” he said. “This equipment will be able to extract almost invisible chance prints, which are difficult to be spotted as of now”, Yadav added.”Chance prints” are prints of the foot, palm, fingers, toes, shoes and slippers which are left on any of the objects at the scene of crime by the suspect by chance.An officer explained to the newspaper “They [fingerprints] are categorised into three parts. In a crime spot, there are patent prints, which can be located with naked eyes. For instance, a footprint in mud or sand or the prints when a person has substance like paint, grease, or blood on their hands and they happen to touch a surface at the crime spot. There are also plastic prints, which are 3D in nature and are carved on things like butter, soap or wax. The most complex are the latent prints and they take the maximum amount of time to be located.”