Global payments provider Visa has selected authentication and identity assurance solutions provider Daon for biometric authentication for its new 'Visa ID Intelligence' platform.Visa noted in a statement today that Visa ID Intelligence allows financial institutions, developers and commerce partners to access authentication technologies. “Daon is proud to partner with a technology innovator like Visa,” said Tom Grissen, CEO, Daon. “Visa ID Intelligence is revolutionary in both scope and implementation, and will benefit consumers who are growing more and more frustrated by an antiquated password system. Visa understands it is critical to provide both security and convenience, and that's what Daon delivers through our proven biometrics platform, IdentityX.”The firm added that biometrics provides Visa clients the option to use human characteristics such as eyes, face, fingerprint and voice to create simpler authentication experiences for app login, payments, step-up authentication, and more.”Visa ID Intelligence brings together innovative, secure authentication solutions that can scale to the needs of the payments industry,” said Mark Nelsen, Senior Vice President of Risk and Authentication Products, Visa. “Daon is the right partner to work with us to offer biometrics technologies that can create better payment experiences for consumers as well as more secure transactions without relying on passwords.”