Daon, a global leader in biometric identity technology, today announced the availability of its IdentityX nodes for the ForgeRock Identity Platform. This series of nodes allows ForgeRock customers to easily add biometrics to their Intelligent Authentication solution, enabling seamless, secure and passwordless customer experiences.Daon was one of the first technology partners to be named in the ForgeRock Trust Network, offering its IdentityX platform for cross-channel, multi-factor authentication and digital onboarding to ForgeRock customers. ForgeRock's authentication and onboarding journeys, equipped with Daon's IdentityX nodes, allow users to quickly and easily build rich, Daon-powered workflows, fully customized for their organizations' precise needs.The joint solution provides valuable accelerators for clients pursuing digital and virtual customer journeys, with out of the box support for e-KYC, identity theft and account takeover protection, as well as multi-factor enrollment, authentication and transaction signing.”Such achievements are only possible through deep collaboration and finely tuned technological harmony,” said Tom Grissen, CEO, Daon. “This joint solution delivers the strongest possible security in a frictionless customer experience, maximizes the value of ForgeRock's Intelligent Authentication approach for its customers, and represents an exciting new chapter in Daon's storied partnership with ForgeRock.”IdentityX's versatile design accommodates an array of use cases including in-band and out-of-band and step-up biometric authentication, all aimed at improving customer experiences while minimizing fraud and financial losses.In addition to authentication, Daon provides nodes for Digital Onboarding, which enables a simple, all-digital onboarding path for organizations in any regulated industry including banking, payments, investments and gaming, who are required to meet KYC/AML regulations for identity verification during account opening.In 2019, Daon announced that it was among the first to receive certification by the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance for the FIDO2 protocol on server, as well as for the UAF 1.1 protocol on server and Android client SDK.”Authentication with usernames and passwords is dangerous, and provides a poor user experience. Our customers are looking for something better,” said Ben Goodman, Senior Vice President, Global Business and Corporate Development, ForgeRock. “Daon offers improved security throughout the entire user lifecycle, and when paired with the ForgeRock Identity Platform, it can provide the end-user with a world-class digital experience.”