Dr. Jau Huang, founder and CEO of CyberLink, shared insights on the future of edge-based AI facial recognition at a recent event.He also demonstrated case studies showing how CyberLink's FaceMe®AI Facial Recognition Engine helps AIoT developers transform applications such as smart retail, smart security and more.AI facial recognition and edge computing are currently two of the hottest technology trends. Most IoT applications need real-time response to facial recognition, requiring edge-based solutions that offer better processing performance with minimal latency and much higher efficiency than facial recognition processed on the cloud. CyberLink's FaceMe®, the leading edge-based AI facial recognition engine and one of the world's top solutions, yields up to 98.5% true acceptance rate (TAR), offers highly flexible capabilities and runs cross-platform on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and more operating systems. It offers hardware and system providers one of the best environments to quickly integrate facial recognition technology into their existing and new solutions.”As they are quickly evolving and maturing, game-changing facial recognition and edge computing technologies are now among the most significant AI trends. When deployed on edge devices and without operating system limitations, facial recognition's processing speed can be greatly enhanced, resolving latency problems caused by cloud computing,” said Dr. Huang. “CyberLink's FaceMe® has ranked among the top-tier facial recognition engines in a number of global competitions, including the National Institute of Standards and Technology Face Recognition Vendor Test (NIST FRVT 1:1) and the MegaFace Challenge, establishing our solution as one of the most accurate and fasted engines in the world.”