Livescan, mobile and identity management solutions firm Crossmatch has announced the launch of its new DigitalPersona Mobile ID application and Commander mobile device management software.The products offers law enforcement an integrated solution for mobile identity management and device administration, the company noted in a press release.Mobile ID is an android-based application designed for in-field identification and identity verification. The application has a user interface for input of biographic data and biometric capture processing and submission. Submission and response records are logged and displayed for subject disposition.Commander is a mobile device management solution capable of provisioning and administering a fleet of handheld devices, such as the Crossmatch Verifier Sentry. The solution provides a secure communications path from the handheld in the field to the secure server. Commander also functions as a Store and Forward for record submission and response processing and management to multiple AFIS.”Crossmatch livescan and mobile solutions play a pivotal role in supporting the daily efforts of the law enforcement community,” noted Richard Agostinelli, Crossmatch CEO. “We have a long history of delivering innovative solutions that address the evolving needs and requirements of the law enforcement market.”