Security experts have said that a new voice biometrics option that features in Google's Nexus smartphones could pose legal issues.With its Pixel smartphone, Google has included a security feature called Trusted Voice, so instead of having to enter a passcode, the user only needs to say “OK Google”.However, NSA staffer David Kennedy told Forbes: “It's an extremely insecure method for unlocking your device.”The article also notes that under US law, police could demand that people unlock their phones in this manner.Kerr pointed to U.S. v. Dionisio to show just why the government would have legal precedent to fall back on.The case saw 20 individuals subpoenaed to provide voice recordings for the purposes of identification. The key idea, Kerr said, was that the “recordings were to be used solely to measure the physical properties of the witnesses' voices, not for the testimonial or communicative content of what was to be said.” The Fifth offered no protection in that case.