France's data protection authority, the CNIL, has released a report on facial-recognition technology. The agency published the report to shed light on the debates and discussions about facial recognition. The document covers what facial recognition is and what it is used for; the technological, ethical and societal risks associated with the technology; what the CNIL's role should be as new facial-recognition devices are deployed; and the frameworks covering the technology that must be respected when new devices are created.”The debate on this technology must therefore be proactive and forward-looking, in order to keep a grip on the model of society we want. The aim is to avoid discovering, one day after the fact, that, by the progressive accumulation of new cases of use of this technology, by its low-noise broadcasting in the daily life of citizens, society would have changed without that this change was previously the subject of a general debate and a deliberate political choice.”To read the full report in French see here: