Clearview AI has revealed that that a hacker gained “unauthorized access” to its list of clients.In a statement, Clearview AI's attorney Tor Ekeland said that while security is the company's top priority, “unfortunately, data breaches are a part of life. Our servers were never accessed.” He added that the company continues to strengthen its security procedures and that the flaw has been patched.Clearview AI continues “to work to strengthen our security,” Ekeland said.In a notification sent to customers obtained by Daily Beast, Clearview AI said that an intruder “gained unauthorized access” to its customer list, which includes police forces, law enforcement agencies and banks. The company said that the person didn't obtain any search histories conducted by customers, which include some police forces.The company claims to have scraped more than 3 billion photos from the internet, including photos from popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.