A Chinese facial recognition start-up that recently raised millions in funding wants to expand globally.Shanghai-based start-up Yitu Technology's software is to verify identities at the China-Macau border, as well as by banks to verify ATM transactions.At the border, surveillance cameras at Gongbei Port capture the images of every traveller, matching and cross-referencing them with national databases. Those who cross over to Macau and back multiple times a day – a key attribute of smugglers – are flagged for closer attention.A report in the South China Morning Post notes that Yitu plans to build on its success to expand overseas.The company has set its sights on exporting its technology overseas, to countries in Africa and Europe, where governments are grappling with the threat of terrorism,Lin Chenxi, one of Yitu's co-founders and responsible for product research and development, told the newspaper.”Someday, AI technology will be just like the internet, existing everywhere in our daily lives,” Lin said in an interview in Shanghai this month. “There's broader potential for the application of AI-based facial recognition beyond its current usage in public security, finance and medicine.''Total investment in Chinese AI firms reaching US$2.76 billion last year, compared to US$20.7 billion raised in the US in the same year, according to data from China's Wuzhen Institute.