China's security agencies have developed a facial recognition solution that they plan to use against terror threats.Tian Qing, a researcher at the First Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, said this week that Chinese police had developed a solution called Facing the Future, reported ECNS.The system features a portable data collection terminal, a high accuracy rate of identification, and a rich interface, according to Tian.Because it is connected to a database of wanted criminals and fugitive prisoners, it can identify five people each second. It is one of the most advanced systems worldwide, he addedFacing the Future has been used in anti-terrorism efforts and security protection for large-scale events, such as APEC and China's annual sessions of its top legislative and advisory bodies.Tian expects the system to be used in airports, subways, bus stations and railway stations in the future.A trial will begin in the railway station in Guangzhou this month, he added. Beijing's Department of Public Security has also shown interest in the system.