Celebrus has released the world’s first no-party data technology. Celebrus CX Vault will allow customers to keep their information private and brands to deliver the relevant messages that customers expect in real-time.  

No-party data is defined as information gathering that does not use tracking, sharing, or cookies of any kind. It allows users to remain anonymous. Celebrus’ patent-pending no-party data solution is unlike anything on the market. The user stays anonymous throughout an entire session and no information is ever shared or sent to a server. 

“Many vendors talk about ‘cookieless solutions,’ but don’t have an answer for it. In studies around the globe, there are two competing forces: consumers demand privacy, but they also demand a personalised experience. Brands up until this moment have struggled with how to balance an approach to that, particularly with the increasing rate of opt-outs on devices. Celebrus CX Vault provides the industry’s only solution for putting the consumer back in control while ensuring brands can help build positive experiences along the way,” says Bill Bruno, CEO of D4t4 Solutions, the parent company of Celebrus. 

Celebrus CX Vault solves a challenge both consumers and businesses face in trying to find common ground in their expectations. Celebrus CX Vault recognises the context of a browsing session in real time and then applies machine learning to further determine and interpret user interest. It is an ethical innovation that meets privacy regulations and respects consumers who opt-out of cookie usage. A Pew report found 79% of Americans are concerned about the way companies use their data, while McKinsey research shows that 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalised interactions. This solution satisfies both and is a win-win for businesses and consumers.