The provision of digital ID cards and driving licenses is seeming a likely prospect in Colorado. The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles announced an integration of existing ID cards with the Apple wallet.

The state’s adoption of digital identity will enable alternative ways to confirm your identity both with physical card options and the wallet, which can store payments cards, driving licenses, and other identity documents on a mobile device.

With a simple tap, citizens can use Colorado ID on their iPhone or Apple Watch at selected Transportation Security Administration (TSA) PreCheck® security checkpoints, which are being implemented in key ports of entry including Denver International Airport (DEN).

Mark Ferrandino, Executive Director at Colorado Department of Revenue explained the benefits and expressed commitment to “saving people time, enhancing convenience and security, and expanding accessibility for all Coloradans”. While promoting digital innovations in travel, he also concurred with many in the identity industry that physical ID documents would continue to coincide with digital forms of ID.

Coloradans must already have an ID card or driving licence to upload to the Apple wallet, in a sign that the wallet is not yet advanced and ready to replace all physical ID.

Electra Bustle, Senior Director of DMV added: “Colorado is always looking for services that provide our residents security, privacy and ease of use. As we partner with the Transportation Security Administration to offer Colorado ID in Wallet to traveling Coloradans, we are thrilled to offer this new service to make their travel experience more seamless and convenient”.

Countries that have adopted the ID wallet across the U.S. range from Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa to Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Utah. Information is securely encrypted on the digital wallet and stored in the Secure Element, the same technology used in Apple Pay.