Princess Juliana International Airport in Sint Maarten has deployed Vision-Box self-service biometric Automated Border Control eGates.The self-service biometric Automated Border Control eGates are phase two of a project to upgrade the airport's passenger immigration infrastructure, Vision-Box noted in a statement.Chief of the National Police Force of Sint Maarten Carl John states that, “The main goal is to introduce an integrated passenger experience program that seamlessly streamlines the identification, verification, validation and enrollment processes in such a way that it positively enhances passenger flow, while maintaining the highest level of security for travellers.”There are also plans to introduce a phase three that will see the addition of vb orchestra, a unifying management suite that Vision-Box says will give SXM Airport, Immigration and Border Protection Services, and the KPSM (Police Force of Sint Maarten) a complete overview and control of the entire passenger flow infrastructure and security network.Jean-Fran├žois Lennon, Vice-President for Global Business Development & Sales of Vision-Box, said: “It has been an amazing journey. With the latest generation of passenger identification technology in place, Princess Juliana International Airport will soon be ready to benefit from a game-changing asset made possible by a robust orchestration platform and an API/PNR framework: the power of anticipation. The identification of travelers in advance will allow for effective situational awareness, for the detection of potential risk situations and for the activation of preventive measures, as well as offer a range of opportunities to leverage data, in a privacy-responsible matter, towards more secure, agile, and efficient processes.”