Campaigners have welcomed the creation of a Commissioner to oversee use of biometrics by Police in ScotlandFollowing the news that the Scottish Parliament has voted in favour of creating a Scottish Biometrics Commissioner, Matthew Rice, Scotland Director, Open Rights Groups said:”It has been a long time coming but we applaud the Scottish Parliament have voted to create a Scottish Biometrics Commissioner. Scotland deserves modern, effective institutions and when it comes to the collection, retention and use of our sensitive biometric data, the challenge has never been greater. Open Rights Group have been leading the campaign for this over the last three years and we are delighted to see such a successful result.”While facial recognition dominates the headlines we should recognise that biometrics is way more than that, from fingerprints and DNA to new generation biometrics such as iris, and gait recognition. This institution will have a vital role to play in ensuring that biometric data of all types from all people is underpinned by a lawful framework that respects the fundamental right to privacy. “The Commissioner will have a significant role to play in making sure that biometrics data is underpinned by proper rules and that the public are fully informed and engaged in a debate about what is acceptable use of biometrics in Scotland. Open Rights Group wishes them all the best in this challenge and welcome their addition to the Scottish environment”.