UK aid is supporting the Adolescent Girls Initiative- Kenya (AGI-Kenya) to conduct a biometric registration exercise for 3,000 adolescent girls in 60 schools in Wajir County, Kenya.Implemented by Save the Children, the exercise uses easy-to-use and inexpensive equipment to read students' fingerprints to record daily attendance.The biometric information is then used to identify those students who meet the conditional threshold of 80% school attendance and, therefore, qualify for a cash transfer twice a term.The cash transfer goes to their household head, whose biometric details have also been captured and linked to a bank account to facilitate electronic household cash transfers.The biometric system generates reliable data at a much lower cost than other conditional cash transfer initiatives.”Though it is a little time consuming to register one beneficiary, it will be fairly easy to use the information later to mark school attendance as they will just be checking in and out and not going through the whole detailed process,” says Muktar, one of the research assistants engaged in registering the beneficiaries.