Cloud biometrics firm BioID and digital transaction management solutions company Branddocs have announced a partnership to integrate BioID's mobile multimodal biometric authentication into Branddocs' eIDAS Cloud Solutions platform.The partnership would see BioID's face and voice recognition solution integrated with Branddocs tailored platform for authentication, signature and secure custody of digital documents.”As digital signing becomes increasingly common, particularly in legal or financial matters trusted user identity has become a critical issue. Innovative tools such as those from Branddocs make it easier to do business, without sacrificing security or trust,” said Ho Chang, CEO of BioID. “We are glad to help Branddocs develop the next generation of trusted digital signing solutions.”Saioa Echebarria, CEO of Branddocs, echoed these views on the potential of the project.”Digital signing relies heavily on trust. When dealing with contracts and other electronic transactions, it is critical to be able to count on the identity of the sender and signer,” noted Echebarria.”Using BioID's intuitive face recognition with liveness detection we can offer our customers strong, fraud-resistant identity proofing that is as natural and reliable as signing face-to-face.”