Vancouver Airport Authority has announced that its BorderXpress kiosks in use at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL) are now able to process visa-carrying travellers including business or tourist visa holders, Mexican travellers with border crossing cards and foreign airline crew members.As the final phase of the APC rollout, this enhancement increases eligibility from US and Canadian passport holders, US Lawful Permanent Residents and 38 visa waiver countries outlined by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), to virtually all international arrivals at ATL.First introduced in May 2014, the Hartsfield-Jackson's 74 BorderXpress APC kiosks are currently processing more than 70 percent of the airport's international passengers and have helped shorten customs lines and overall airport wait times by up to 50 percent.With the introduction of the APC Phase 4.0 and the ability to serve almost all travellers, ATL is expecting to further decrease wait times continuing to better the travel experience for its passengers.”We're very excited to work with our airport partners like ATL to improve their border experience for passengers” said Craig Richmond, President and CEO of the Vancouver Airport Authority. “Our Innovative Travel Solutions team will continue to deliver new products and solutions to airports to make air travel easier and cut wait times.”Additionally, Vancouver Airport Authority has added facial recognition technology to its BorderXpress kiosks, becoming the first APC provider to offer this enhanced level of security.After the kiosk takes the user's photo, passengers carrying chipped e-passports will receive a receipt listing a confidence score that acts as an added identity verification tool for US CBP officers. All BorderXpress APC kiosks at Vancouver International Airport were successfully transferred to Phase 4.0 with facial recognition in July 2015. Additional BorderXpress airport customers will receive this update in the coming months, as the function is now being mandated by US CBP on all new APC kiosks.