Blurams says its outdoor camera's AI facial recognition technology can help protect the safety of people self-isolating due to Covid-19.The camera can remember up to 16 different individuals, says the firm, making it useful for commercial or residential security.”With many people out of work and businesses left unattended we've realized the importance of reliable security in place. Business owners can get an instant notification whenever motion is detected by the Blurams outdoor camera, and if they feel their unguarded business is at risk they can activate the siren”.While you're at home, it can also be programmed to send alerts to your phone if a stranger shows up on your porch, and the built-in siren and strobe light can scare away intruders. Keep in accordance with social distancing guidelines and talk with anyone on your porch through the accompanying app using the two-way audio function – tell the FedEx driver to leave your package in a safe place, so you can collect it without contact. Watch the video to learn more.The outdoor camera comes with a special privacy option, select areas of the screen that are considered “private” using the app and those parts of the screen will be blurred in the recording, preserving your privacy or your neighbor's property. In addition to watching videos on your phone or Apple Watch, you can also view videos on Alexa-enabled displays. Cloud storage is saved on Amazon Web Services servers, providing a seamless and secure connection. You can use this method both for watching recorded clips and for viewing a live stream.