Canberra-based biometrics testing laboratory, BixeLab, is hosting a series of virtual events to coincide with the launch of its new biometric testing facilities as an applicant for the NIST National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program. On completion of the accreditation, BixeLab will become the first NIST-accredited biometrics testing laboratory in the Southern Hemisphere, and the second in the world. This accreditation, encompassing a comprehensive technical evaluation, ensures that the policies, procedures, and methodologies are managed in accordance with international standards and best practices.The accreditation builds on BixeLab's existing services to provide rigorous testing of biometric systems – providing confidence that the technology is accurate, unbiased, and tested against spoofs such as fake fingerprints, photographs, or full-face disguises. Accredited testing services, such as those provided by BixeLab, are an essential component of the push towards digital identity initiatives around the world. Ensuring that biometric systems are thoroughly tested is a key requirement for organisations seeking accreditation within many national identity schemes including Australia's Digital Transformation Agency's Trusted Digital Identity Framework.At the launch event, you will hear from Dr. Ted Dunstone, the Managing Director of BixeLab and world-leading expert on biometric technologies and systems. This will include a presentation on biometric spoofing and how biometric systems are being tested for programs such as the Trusted Digital Identity Framework.The launch events are being held over the 22nd and 23rd of February to cater for audiences in all time zones. Event details and information on registration are available on the company website