Hungarian security company, BioSec Group has developed a solution for festival safety.The Hungarian company says that their latest development, the BS RapidGuard can be the key to securing mass events.The firm said the rapid deployment authentication solution ensures 100% personalised tickets by replacing cards and bracelets with something that cannot be copied, stolen or forged: the festivalgoer's hand.”We know that festivals involve many challenges, so we did not want to make security a plus one. This is why BS RapidGuard adapts to even the most unique requirements: it can be set up faster than a tent and can be used literally everywhere, without the need for additional infrastructure”, said BioSec Group CEO, PÉter Györgydeák.The firm said BS RapidGuard combines rapid deployment and simple installation with high security, ease of use and fast authentication time, ensuring a win-win solution for everyone. In addition, the BioSec system enables online and offline functioning, 1:n or 1:1 authentication and Active Directory compatibility besides others.According to BioSec, one of the greatest challenges at these events is to know exactly who goes in and out. The management of entry and exit points and the large masses of arriving and leaving people is still a challenging task, as document and ticket checks on their own cannot guarantee that the entering person is who he/she claims to be.”In order to bolster festival safety, a high security solution is needed, which is exactly what biometrics offer,” said Györgydeák.BioSec is using palm vein recognition, which ensures highly secure, simple to use and convenient personal authentication with the wave of the hand.