Biometric security company, BioSec Group has said it plans to launch a special publicity campaign to support the fight against racism.The company has invited four people of different races to join a photo shoot for the anti-racism campaign. Besides taking “normal” photos from the candidates, infrared images were also taken from the participants' palm to show that regardless of skin colour, no differences can be made based on the palm silhouette images.BioSec, who develops palm vein recognition based biometric solutions, says it has decided to draw attention to a growing number of racist incidents and the importance to stop it. BioSec's basic idea was to fight against racism with their own tools, namely biometrics. In BioSec's case, the company measures and records the vein structure within the hand by the emission of infrared light, which inspired the company's anti-racism campaign.”We all know that everyone looks different on the outside and this is great. What is not is to judge each other because of differences. This is why we decided to show that people have more in common than they can see, and here comes biometrics and palm vein recognition into the picture. When we enrol a biometric template, an infrared silhouette image is taken from the palm, which is the perfect evidence that we are all the same inside.” said BioSec Group CEO, PÉter Györgydeák. The special pictures from BioSec's photo shooting are available on the company's social media sites, including its Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram accounts, where a campaign video can be also seen. By using social media, anyone can join the campaign and express their support to fight against racism by sharing photos showing their palm as a symbol to stop racism and using the #showingstoptoracism hashtag.