BIO-key International, an innovative provider of identity and access management (IAM) solutions powered by biometrics, today announced that many of its existing customers are migrating from their current on-premises deployment to BIO-key's PortalGuard Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) cloud-based authentication solution.While also onboarding new named customers BIO-key is assisting an increasing base of customers who desire to move more of their critical applications to the cloud and are attracted to improved security and simplified management capabilities of PortalGuardĀ® IDaaS. In Q4 2020, BIO-key migrated nine of its [on-premises] customers to PortalGuard IDaaS, supporting approximately 115,000 users. Also, there is further upside potential of converting over 200 existing on-premises customers representing millions of users to IDaaS in 2021 and beyond.The need to secure data while conforming to increasing security standards and distributed workforces has become a driving force behind customers' move to IDaaS. BIO-key's PortalGuard IDaaS accelerates the transition to a cloud-based identity management solution by providing an enterprise-grade security platform with a strong return on investment. Allowing users self-service access to critical portals, for example, is just one of the ways an IDaaS system can provide support and ROI for businesses. PortalGuard effectively reduces the complexity and cost of its customer's IT infrastructure, making IAM capabilities easier to use and manage. PortalGuard enables identity management via a single “pane of glass” from a security perspective, giving organizations clear visibility to view individual access across the enterprise.”The maturation of the cloud services market has enabled IDaaS to emerge as the preferred deployment model versus the traditional on-premises IAM solution,” said Mark Cochran, President of BIO-key – PortalGuard. “Enhanced security and scalability, reduction in cost and complexity, along with the relatively easy deployment of IDaaS, makes it an increasingly desirable option for our customers.”