India's national ID project Aadhaar is using biometric software developed by Bangladesh-based IT firm TigerIT to ensure citizens' right to privacy, said a press release. Earlier, Aadhaar, having collected the largest amount of biometric data, dealt with heavy criticism for failing to meet security standards of the 21st century. To overcome this problem, the Renesas and the TigerIT have developed a device and the software, which are first to fill the data security lacunae for the Aadhaar project. The device is embedded with TigerIT's biometric SDK (software development kit) and asymmetric encryption that is impossible to break, explained Md Nasiruddin Ahmed of TigerIT.The device only releases encrypted biometric information that can only be decrypted on the server, he said, adding that this will prevent fraudsters from getting access to any biometric data during the process of authentication.To protect users from falling at risk, this technology creates minutiae and encrypts the biometric information at source, hence, preventing hackers from gaining direct access to the treasure trove of data, and at the same time maintaining its effectiveness by authenticating a match with the data stored on the server, said the release. The new device will also restrict the possibility of manipulation at the operators' end to avoid creation of fraudulent Aadhaar cards and numbers without being detected.