Aware, a leading global provider of biometric based authentication software products, solutions and services, is pleased to announce that it has received a prestigious 2020 IT Cybersecurity Excellence Award from Technology Marketing Corporation's (TMC) Internet Telephony Magazine for its Knomi mobile biometric authentication platform. Knomi was selected for its field proven capability to address cybersecurity threats such as identity theft and large-scale data breaches.Knomi is a mobile biometric authentication platform that uses face and voice to enable highly secure and convenient multifactor authentication, eliminating the need for cumbersome and less secure passwords. With individuals relying on mobile devices more and more to access their personal information and assets, Knomi provides organizations and individuals with a safe and secure method to protect their customers from hackers and other cybersecurity threats.”I am thrilled that Knomi was recognized for its effectiveness and mission to ensure the security of peoples' identities and assets,” said Rob Mungovan, chief commercial officer at Aware. “Our customers have realized the benefits of Knomi. It protects the identity of the user, reduces fraud and helps to minimize the likelihood and the expenses of data security breaches. It is great to see that recognition continue with Internet Telephony's Cybersecurity Excellence Award.”The Cybersecurity Excellence Award recognizes technologies and best practices protecting networks from hackers and other malicious attacks, while maintaining ease of use for those authorized to access the platform. With its great convenience for users and spoof-resistant liveness detection for both face and voice, Knomi addresses these requirements directly.”Congratulations to Aware for being honored with an Internet Telephony Cybersecurity Excellence Award for innovation in IP communications. The Knomi mobile biometric authentication platform has demonstrated outstanding quality and has delivered exceptional, measurable, tangible results for its users,” stated Rich Tehrani, chief executive officer of TMC.