Aware has announced it has provided software and services to the US Marine Corps in support of their identity operations. The solution includes a modified version of Aware's URC|Tactical software, originally deployed as part of the US Navy's Identity Dominance System (IDS), a program of record. URC|Tactical is a software application that runs on military-grade mobile biometric hardware devices from third parties, and is used to collect biometrics and establish identities in tactical environments. Additionally, Aware's Biometric Services Platform (BioSP) is used by the Marines as a portable biometric identity management platform. The Marines use BioSP on hardened laptops in the field to update, manage, and share identity data between devices and databases. The complete solution enables the Marines personnel to establish the identity of unknown individuals encountered during operations, and also to verify the identity of foreign associates and employees, such as for access control to facilities. “Aware's work with the Marines demonstrates an ability to rapidly and cost-effectively modify our URC and BioSP applications to satisfy specific requirements, thanks largely to their modular design and basis in field-proven COTS products,” says Rob Mungovan, VP of Biometrics at Aware. “We believe our mobile solutions are the best available of their kind, vetted by a rigorous program-of-record procurement, and we plan to continue to build upon our deep expertise in this important field.”