Australia's federal law enforcement departments have revealed joint plans to support a shared facial recognition system.In the National Organised Crime Response Plan for 2015-2018, the law enforcement agencies said the system will used both for civil identification purposes and for criminal investigations.This hub will “improve the ability of law enforcement agencies to share and match facial images used on key proof of identity documents, such as passports, visas and drivers' licenses. This will assist agencies to combat the increasingly sophisticated use of fraudulent identities by organised crime groups”.On 12 May, the government allocated US$550,000 in 2015-16 to CrimTrac, an agency which develops and maintains national information-sharing services for use between state, territory and federal law enforcement agencies, for the development of its Biometrics Identification Services system business case.That system will eventually replace CrimTrac's automated fingerprint ID system.In February, the South Australia police department also revealed in tender docs that it will spend $1.5 million Australian dollars (US$1.3 million) on a facial recognition system that will scan images of suspected offenders against their existing databases.