The Korea Internet and Security Agency has revealed that it is studying a Public Key Infrastructure that is compliant with FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance online authentication standards for e-commerce and government services.KISA plans to test the service by the end of this year through working with local major online shopping malls, online payment service providers, credit card companies, and related organizations, reported Business Korea.In 2011, the Korean government introduced a 'Digital Signature Act' which supports a regulated PKI to guarantee the interoperability of digital signature and encryption algorithms for all electronic transactions processed.At the influential connect:ID event in March, FIDO announced the creation of a “Government Membership Class” that will welcome governments as members of the industry consortium's online authentication protocol.Speaking of “the authentication revolution”, Brett McDowell, Executive Director of the FIDO Alliance, said this new government membership class will enable public and private sector collaboration on to address the “tremendous issue” of identity authentication.