Arculus today unveiled the latest cold storage device for cryptocurrency that provides easy-to-use functionality along with advanced 3-factor authentication security in a slim metallic form factor. The Arculus Key card requires no battery or charging, and is the size and shape of a credit card that provides a truly air-gapped crypto key storage solution that connects to a mobile app via an encrypted NFC connection. The Arculus Wallet mobile app provides intuitive controls, advanced security protection and the ability to manage multiple cryptocurrency wallets in one device.”The growth of cryptocurrency is driving demand for a simple solution that delivers the mobility and state-of-the-art security needed to make cryptocurrency more viable for more consumers,” said Adam Lowe, Chief Innovation Officer. “The Arculus solution will broaden cryptocurrency adoption because of the familiar behavior consumers have using their payment cards, creating an improved user experience as compared to products currently on the market.”The Arculus Key card easily and reliably connects to the Arculus Wallet mobile app by tapping it on the back of the phone, providing increased mobility without sacrificing security or needing a battery. This enables true 3-factor authentication security across different form factors:Something You Know – The Arculus Wallet app requires a 6-digit personal PIN to access the information.Something You Are – The Arculus Wallet app leverages the biometric security systems on mobile devices (e.g., fingerprint or facial recognition).Something You Have – Ranked as one of the highest assurance levels of security, the Arculus Key card contains an EAL 6+ embedded secure element that holds your encrypted keys and must be physically near the mobile device to enable transactions.If a customer loses their Arculus Key card, they can restore their wallets with a series of recovery passphrases created in the original account profile. The list of passphrases should be stored separately from the mobile device and card.