Upon the construction of Noida International Airport, due to open in 2024, Anurag Shandilya spoke at Identity Week Asia around the need for converging regulations across all existing and new international aviation hubs.

The presentation dealt with the challenges still to overcome to enable seamless travel and called for more collaboration among the sector around regulation and recognition that the national border and airport business often forces implementation of new technology. As facial biometrics emerges as the recognised solution to enabling seamless travel across the world, there must be convergence of frameworks across different countries.

The Airport Complex is affected by factors such as control, high sensitivity, high volatility and the travel business and regulation environment forcing demand for innovation.

In relation to other airport use cases, such as Dehli Airport, biometric solutions and e-gates are now common user services to expedite secure travel and reduce congestion.

At 16 airports, passengers can use national ID which is captured by boarding. The opening of Noida Airport, which looks set to handle 60 million passengers per annum, will look to embrace the immersion of digital and augmented physical facilities with digital technology.