HID, a pioneering innovator in trusted identity and physical security solutions, and iPassport, a cloud-based quality management suite to integrate digital identity technologies, have mutually signed a memorandum of understanding to foreground an AI-enabled passenger verification technology for the transportation industry that will optimise travellers’ experiences.

Nowadays there is an intersection of complex security issues that warrant a sequence of touchpoints to track passenger journeys through the airport from when they check-in to boarding their flight.

However a seamlessness has to be upheld in adjacent to security to mitigate the inconvenient and stressful delays, cancellations and baggage mishaps that ruin passengers’ experiences  and place continued strain on airport staff.

Vito Fabbrizio, Managing Director of Biometrics, Extended Access Technologies at HID elaborated: “Today, moving through an airport securely requires an ongoing and seamless identity verification system that not only enhances the passenger experience, but also optimizes efficiencies for everyone. HID is excited to collaborate with iPassport to bring this new solution to market”.

HID’s proprietary solutions – components of which include facial recognition camera hardware, fingerprint and ID document readers and ID proofing and biometric servers – bolster existing airport infrastructure with the AI-powered verification capabilities, avoiding migrations to new a platform and replacement integrations.

Leveraging patented multispectral imaging (MSI) technology developed by HID and ethically sensitive artificial intelligence imposed within the HID® U.ARE.U® Camera Identification System, high performance and matching accuracy are garenteed.

As is the case with a fast evolution and integration of facial recognition technology throughout air travel, customers will have to be onboard and compliant with providing their personal biographic and biometric personal information in advance to travel during booking or check-in. Their photographs are collected and stored in the system for matching purposes during the time the passenger is passing through touchpoints in the airport.

The HID solution with foundational cloud supported infrastructure from iPassport is deployable in ports for cruise travel  and hospitality which can also benefit from:

  • Ethically trained and built AI to eliminate matching bias
  • Industry-leading presentation attack detection (PAD) to thwart spoof attempts
  • Superior performance amid challenging lighting
  • Automatic face detection, capture and image quality checks—even when wearing masks
  • On-device biometric processing with endpoint security for maximum protection

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, HID has over 4,500 employees worldwide and operates international offices that support innovation across more than 100 countries with government, educational and private sector partners. The company delivers trusted identity solutions that give people convenient access to physical and digital places and connect things that can be identified, verified and tracked digitally.