OT (Oberthur Technologies) has been selected by the Andorran government to provide latest generation passports based on Lasink technology.OT says its Lasink technology is used to bolster passport security and specifically passport photos. The five-year contract covers passports, enrolment stations and photo booths.According to OT, Lasink allows the document holder's picture to be engraved directly into the polycarbonate personal data page. Its colour technology gives polycarbonate documents a life span of more than 10 years.OT claims that Lasink offers a number of benefits:A fully polycarbonate personal data page with no overlay required.Document personalisation via a unique laser whereby document holders perform all functions themselves.With three levels of security, Lasink is more secure than grayscale lasers that fraudsters worldwide can very easily lay their hands on.Lasink is easy to authenticate with a magnifying glass or scanner as already performed at borders.Items checked during authentication are impossible to replicate with existing digital printers.A colour photo to better identify document holders."We are very proud to work with the Andorran government to provide it the latest generation passport that meets the most stringent security requirements," says Christophe Fontaine, managing director of OT's citizen access & identity business. "Our partnership further testifies to OT's expertise and know-how.""The principality of Andorra wanted to align with the security measures applicable to the passports of surrounding countries and that's why we selected the latest generation integrating the Lasink technology provided by Oberthur Technologies," says the minister of social affairs, justice and the interior of the Andorran government.