International guests arriving in the U.S. can streamline their required COVID-19 documents starting Feb. 5 using the third-party app VeriFLY. The free and secure app offers fliers expedited check-in and verification for their arrival to the U.S., to help give confidence that they meet the entry requirements for their arrival to the U.S.In early January, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention announced an order requiring international airline passengers entering the U.S. to have proof of a negative COVID test. The order explains that the test must be taken within three days of departure to the U.S., and that fliers must complete a health attestation form.VeriFLY is a mobile app that acts as a digital health passport to supplement the guest travel journey as they fulfill U.S. entry requirements. Similar to Alaska Airlines' Pre-Clear program, the app allows for real-time verification of COVID-related credentials, like health questionnaires and diagnostic lab results. Guests will be able to store proof of their negative COVID test, or documentation of having recovered from COVID-19, in addition to their health attestation form in the app to help optimize the document verification process and get them on their way.Although proof of a negative COVID test is mandatory for travelers to enter into the country, usage of VeriFLY is not. Alaska Airlines guests will have the option to use the app for faster verification but will still be obligated to present the essential health documents as required by the CDC's order regardless.VeriFLY will be limited to one person per mobile device and requires an internet/mobile data connection to acquire/access passes and credentials. Adults must attest on behalf of those under the age of 18, so minors are not eligible for VeriFLY.