Safran Identity & Security has announced that its Airpass mobile payment solution, which includes a unique cryptographic security component, has been certified by Visa and Mastercard.Airpass allows users to pay in store or online using a mobile phone. According to Safran, it has distinguished itself as the only solution on the market to be certified by Visa and Mastercard, not only in terms of functionality and quality requirements but also in terms of security.This security is ensured by a whitebox cryptographic component, with many possible uses. Airpass offers a software-based alternative to securing sensitive data and mobile applications without using a secure element (such as tokenisation for mobile payment). Safran is also working on expanding this solution to secure digital identity documents such as eID cards, passports and driving licenses on smartphones."Thanks to whitebox cryptography, we can provide a unique software solution to protect confidential information contained on a smartphone," says Olivier MÉaux, executive vice president of the Digital Security and Authentication division at Safran Identity & Security. "The type of security offered by Airpass is a necessary prerequisite to boost the development of trusted mobile services, particularly in the fields of banking and retail.