AMGtime has launched the Elionic, equipped with AMGtime's firmware, a biometric fingerprint kiosk that allows employees to clock in and out, approve their timecards directly on the device, view schedules, view benefits, submit PTO requests, transfer between jobs.In a statement, the firm said the second generation Elionic includes innovative features focused on compliance and ease of use. Employers can use the Elionic to collect transaction data with the bonus of reporting on failed transactions or transactions made outside restricted time periods. Users can set it so that the Elionic automatically generates transaction “lockout” periods depending on either each individual employee's work schedule or restricted time zones assigned to an employee.The Elionic also includes Off-Schedule Meal Reporting, which requires employees to explicitly state on the device if lunches/breaks taken outside the normal schedule was a personal decision or mandated by the company. Similarly aiding in lunch compliancy rules, the Elionic can prevent employees from taking lunches shorter than mandated by not allowing clock-in before the allotted time. Due to the device's real-time synchronization capabilities, transactions can be made on any Elionic within a company's possession, eliminating the need for an employee to transact from only one device.Another new feature is the option to have employees alerted to pending timecards for approval or denial after transacting on the Elionic, with the option to add comments. Features like these make the Elionic a unique and smart tool to help companies manage their labor.