Integrated Biometrics (IB), a leader in mobile FBI-certified biometric fingerprint scanners, today announced that IB's “Kojak” provides the biometric fingerprint capability for DAL-Global and Aertight Systems' new Identity-ATM kiosk. The system combines a public-facing biometric identification system developed by Aertight Systems, Inc. with cutting-edge Identity-as-a-Service software from DAL-Global, Ltd.Synthetic identities and “deep fakes” become more prevalent every day, making the need for powerful identity management increasingly critical. The Identity-ATM uses IB's Kojak to collect the fingerprint biometric. The system then creates a digital identity using blockchain, linking that single real-world human being to their “Single Digital Twin” with multiple biometric records and forensic protocols as proof. This new approach to identity management makes it impossible for synthetic identities and duplicates to exist.The enrollment process is simple. New usersߪreceive an email link to a secure web page where they establish their new accountinput their identifying details and receive a unique DAL ID# via SMSgo to any Identity-ATM kiosk, enter their unique ID# and complete their enrollmentprovide the requested finger, face and iris scansThis process allows the user to enter their personal information in the privacy and comfort of their home and makes it easy for large public or private organizations to quickly and securely pre-onboard existing clients.During the onboarding process, the backend DAL-Global system utilizes iris and facial recognition in combination with AFIS and ABIS fingerprint databases to establish and verify the new identity. This dataset is then used to create a digitally signed attestation of an identity on blockchain. By linking an individual's multiple biometrics to a unique blockchain, DAL-Global has created the world's most secure digital identity.”The goal of bringing enterprise grade biometric scanning to the public presented us with numerous technical challenges, and overcoming them is what makes the Identity-ATM so revolutionary,” said Gordon Triplett, President of Aertight Systems, Inc. “Aertight and DAL have combined biometric and blockchain technologies in a kiosk simple enough for any consumer application yet more secure than anything that's come before it.””We are delighted with the way Aertight and DAL-Global's new Identity-ATM came into existenceߪthere's nothing like it in the world,” said Dawid Jacobs, Identity Management Specialist for DAL-Global. “The Kojak is certainly going to be our onboarding choice for future implementations of the DAL Identity Management Software.””Our patented LES technology continues to unleash previously unimagined possibilities for products and services that require secure and accurate biometric identification,” said David Gerulski, Executive Vice President for Integrated Biometrics. “As both consumers and businesses insist on the highest levels of positive identification to secure their identities and finances, the world is turning to IB.”