Acuant, a global provider of identity verification solutions, today announced that Proxyclick uses Acuant IDscan and Aila Technologies for a seamless and secure visitor and contractor check-in.Thousands of organizations – from large Fortune 500 companies to small local businesses – rely on Proxyclick's web based software to deliver an unparalleled visitor experience from invitation to sign out. Combined with Acuant IDscan, Aila's Interactive Kiosk™ powered by TrueScan™ delivers an ultra intuitive, accurate and future proof guest experience."Every day, millions of people find themselves hosting or attending business meeting around the world," said Gregory Blondeau, CEO Proxyclick. "Business meetings are people meetings and our mission is to help people connect with confidence. It's perfectly aligned with the goals of Acuant and Aila Technology-to provide trusted transactions. This partnership creates a first-class visitor management solution that enables our customers to provide a modern, fast, and secure check-in and ID verification process. This initial visitor experience ultimately leads to better, more productive meetings."Acuant IDscan software automates the check-in process by scanning any government issued ID to quickly verify the visitor's identity. Images and data are processed instantly and securely in the cloud, with nothing stored on the kiosk itself to protect personal data (PII). Acuant has the industry's largest Identity Document library – with more than 6,000 ID types – and adds hundreds of new global documents each year from over 190 countries."Proxyclick is known for its modern approach to visitor management. The company works with global businesses of all sizes to provide an exceptional guest experience, while meeting compliance and regulatory standards," said Yossi Zekri, Acuant President and CEO. "We share the belief that the onboarding process should be seamless and secure.""Delivering a top notch experience starts with engaging and intuitive touchpoints that are built around the customer and your space," said Luis Fernandes, Aila's Senior Director of Marketing, "Partners like Proxyclick and Acuant understand the capabilities of Aila's solutions and have chosen our Interactive Kiosk because of its proven ability to deliver the most intuitive, accurate, and modern access control solution that's also easy to integrate into their clients' workplaces."