A 6-year-old girl in Arkansas has succeeded in defeating the biometric security on her mother's phone by simply pressing her finger against the reader while the mother was asleep.The girl hacked into her mother's phone so that she could buy herself $250 worth of PokÉmon toys.According to a story published on Friday (Dec. 23) in The Wall Street Journal, Ashlynd waited until her mother Bethany Howell was asleep, then pressed her mother's thumb against the fingerprint reader on the phone to unlock the handset.Once Ashlynd made it past the unlock screen, everything on Amazon was up for purchase, the Journal reported. Unlike the online retailer's website, the Amazon smartphone app doesn't require the Amazon password to be entered again before making a purchase, as we were able to verify at Tom's Guide.Howell told her daughter that “Santa found out and that is what Santa is going to bring you for Christmas.”